TV Unit Design


We have a team of people in charge of communication in our organization. They have come up with commendable policies on the communication processes for our website and its clients. Thanks to them, we have a call center that operates throughout the day and night. This is because we receive calls from people from different parts of the world and since we have different time zones; their daytime may not be our daytime.

We have active social media pages which are one of the platforms that we get feedback from our readers and those that wish to travel after reading our accounts on the places our writers went to, for a story. On our website, we have a comments section where readers are at liberty to inquire anything that they’d wish to know.

Our email address is at the end of each article so you can always reach us anytime you feel like you have something to share with us. We, however, advise readers who have negative comments that they should not let their bad experiences while traveling to a place be a source of influence to people make other people not to visit the place. For writers who are not part of our team, use the email address to share your article and remember to have your title of the story as the subject of your email.