The Most Interesting Parts of U.S: Northeast

If it’s the first time you’re visiting the Northeast part of the U.S, then, you’ll be amazed at how many beautiful places you will discover. And we’re not referring only to Niagara Falls, New York City or Washington DC, but there are other, equally interesting places that are worthy of your attention. What amazes us most about the U.S is its diversity – which is what makes us fall in love with this unbelievable country time after time.

Nantucket Island

Nantucket is the place of remote, pristine beaches, which is characterized by the unique New England charm. Native Americans entitled it Natockete, its translation being the faraway place – which is very fitting for this charming remote island. We could say that it evokes a sense of calm, and we believe this is what makes people come back to this island.

A large segment of the island is protected by conservationists. This is why the majority of the 18th-century buildings have remained intact. To that end, discovering Nantucket Island is similar to walking through a history book. Perhaps all these aspects combined make this a magnetic, attractive spot for Americans and foreigners alike.


Another top tourist destination is Maine – partially because of the great outdoors, and the fact that it played an important role in shaping the history of the U.S. Everything about Maine will most likely make you fall in love with this destination. The superb isolation, the rocky, untouched shores, and the diversity of the landscapes, not to mention the cuisine that will challenge you to savor a dish differently than you did beforehand.

Did you know that Maine has been renowned for being an outdoor mecca for more than 200 years? Surprisingly, at the time being, it has more forests than it used to have in the 1800s. That is to say, approximately 90 percent of the state comprises of forests. And these forests are beautifully intertwined with lakes, mountains, and rivers.

Boston, Massachusetts

Boston is a feast to the eyes. And while it is beautiful to look at in the pictures, imagine the experience of discovering this city that overflows with history. It is unparalleled, that’s for sure. The narrow streets evoke history, making you think of the major transformations through which the United States have gone through over the years.

This is the place in which puritans have experienced the perils of persecution, the place in which patriots protested against tyranny, it is the place in which the pillars of a new nation were founded. It would be safe to say that the educational institutions in Boston were the ones that influenced this nation mostly. This is the home of the very first Thanksgiving celebration.

Essentially, Boston is a city that has it all – which is why it is one of the most interesting places in the United States.

Casco Bay Islands

In the proximity of Portland’s beautiful shores, you can venture to discover the beautiful Casco Bay Islands. The Casco Bay comprises of a range of islands which compete in splendor. The makes these islands so interesting is how diverse yet alike they are. Even if this is a contradiction in terms, this is something that will inevitably surprise you from the very moment you go there.


There are many reasons why you should visit Vermont. This beautiful place is a lot more than the green getaway for New Yorkers. It is a beautiful state with a rich heritage of farming, which largely contributed to its development over the years.

It is surprisingly diverse when it comes to both flora and fauna. Therefore, this state is a favorite spot for hiking enthusiasts. There is also a stunning lake – namely Lake Champlain, which makes one think of Switzerland, with its picture-perfect green hilltops and beautiful lakes.

In addition to that, the gorgeous Grand Isle is another draw. This is the place to be if you want to watch a memorable sunset. Quechee Gorge is another spot worth mentioning – it is recognized as being the deepest gorge located in the Green Mountain state, providing picturesque views. Additionally, Montpelier is another colorful city – exploring it is a mere enjoyment.

While there are many other interesting places to visit in the Northeast of the United States, we wanted to include some of the places that get less recognition than others. One thing is for sure, each of the places we’ve briefly talked about is surprising through its uniqueness. On top of that, it is all these unique places combined that make the United States such an interesting place to visit and live in. That being said, what appeals to you the most out of all the places we’ve included in our list? Do let us know – we’re curious to find out.