About Us


We are the to-go-to website when you want to find royal-like traveling advice from writers who have traversed the various areas they write on. At royalresidence.net, we weave great stories on traveling and share real-time experiences that will make you yearn for visiting the areas we put down our experiences on. In as much as we pen down real issues, we have a team of writers whose creativity invites you to book a flight ticket that you had not planned for.

We not only write on the areas we have visited, but we emphasize why we should not miss visiting those areas. Also, we highlight the pros and cons of places that we travel just not to sugar coat everything or overpraise something only to let those that read us visit the sites and be disappointed with the turn of events

Our team comprises of writers, photographers, graphic designers and drivers who in most cases are needed when we are traveling locally. We have one doctor who flies with us everywhere to check on our health and how we react to new environments as we visit.

At times, we outsource our stories, but such is usually out of goodwill from writers who are not registered in our team yet, but love traveling and are willing to share their stories with us. We accept their accounts as long as they meet our ‘royal’ standards.