Welcome to my world, made of stories of laughter, excitement, pain tears and frustrations. The adventures of a lady busy living, unperturbed of taking perfect social media shoots. I am Sally Jill.

January 2016, I used my savings to purchase a onetime ticket to Africa. I abandoned the comfort of my home, friends and promising career with no plan and no end date of my trip. I was done working a 10-hour job and convincing myself that everyone was struggling and I was no different. No more making empty promises to myself of escaping my horrible life. I was done planning trips and not living the dream. I was yearning for freedom. Freedom from people judging my actions and dictating what I should do with my life.

Given a few months to live in this fantastic world, however short, would you not want to spend every second experiencing new places? My someday of enjoying life and being free is here. I travel all over Africa, and I still got places I am yet to visit. My mission is to encourage guys to enjoy life. Jump out of your comfort zone and experience new adventures. The goal of my content is to share my perspective of different countries and cultures and to better the world.

Three years after coming to Africa I am still figuring out my bucket list. I hardly know what I will be doing next week. I live and plan for today. There are coveted beauty and peace of not knowing your tomorrow, and that is the thrill I live for living off my suitcase. I am a full-time travel blogger now, discovering new homes and daring to find new ones.

There is No Bucket List

Ticking out a list will make me miss out on actual adventures. I often find myself among people, in a community or group with real problems, expressing honest emotions and pure love. You will see me in the local villages, caring less about famous insights and focusing on creating lasting memories.  Instead of skydiving, I would rather spend my free time speaking to the 90year old woman from Kenya, listening to colonial stories.

I Do Not Do Inspiration or Glamorous

I travel on a budget and frankly I cannot afford luxurious treats. My blogs talk of destinations you can visit on a tight budget. I also do not strive for the perfect images I am awkward and suck at flirting. I will only bore you with stories of the local waterfall I visited and how it changed my life. How difficult it was accessing the site, the beauty of the place and the people and how I felt after the visit.

It Is Not Easy

Traveling is hard if you are anything like I used to be- getting back home to a proper meal, a hot shower, and a waterproof bed, you never want to ask how I survive. Discover more about my roller-coaster journey and enjoy the best stories.