How to Make Money with a Blog for Beginners (Complete Guide)

In this tutorial, you are able to explain all tips to make money online by blogging step by step.
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How to Make Money with a Blog for Beginners (Complete Guide)

Blogging for money is not a theoretical concept but it’s a reality. Anyone with some basic knowledge of blogging, SEO, and a general idea of how the Internet works can start a blogging business and make money.

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The reward from building a successful blogging business is not only the money but most importantly the feeling of achievement and the satisfaction of creating a business without relying on anyone else but your own talent and strengths.

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How To Make Money Blogging

1. Setup your own self-hosted blog

If you don’t already have a blog, click this link to get started. You’ll be presented with a wizard that we’ll take you through the process step-by-step. In 30 minutes or less, you’ll have your own self-hosted blog with WordPress installed and you can then proceed to step 2.

Mistakes to avoid when setting up your own blog

I’m mentioning this again because I know from experience that a common mistake beginners make is spending too much time and effort in designing the ‘perfect blog’, forgetting that at the early stages (when there is no traffic coming in), nobody cares about your website’s design, and that includes Google.

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2. Start publishing great content

Have this in mind

So, what is great content?

Great blog content is not necessarily text, it can be images, videos, infographics, or even audio. BUT, for the purpose of achieving high rankings on Google (and other search engines), your content should be primarily text.

characteristics of great content

Popular topics have a bigger audience but they are also very competitive. If you are starting out now as a solo blogger, it would be easier to compete with other bloggers rather than online businesses that have teams of writers and SEOs behind them.

Let’s say that you’re passionate about ‘fitness’ and ‘healthy living’. If you do a search on Google for ‘weight loss’ or ‘dieting’, you will get thousands of results, many of them from online magazines or websites that have been established for years, loaded with thousands of content pages.

It’s a topic with a lot of interest, mainly from parents who want to learn how to provide a healthy lifestyle for their kids, and they also hold the money to buy a product (maybe an ebook) to help them do so.

3. Build organic traffic to your blog

What is organic traffic?

organic traffic statistics

How to get organic traffic to your blog?

You need to get your technical SEO correct

You need to get your On-Page SEO correct

On-Page SEO Techniques

You need to work on your Off-Page SEO

Off Page SEO

The main intent of a search engine, and in particular Google, is to keep their users happy by presenting them with websites that have good content, are easy to navigate and in general, are considered to be of high quality.

4. Build a community around your brand

What is community building for a blog?

People that subscribe to your email list (aka newsletter), are a valuable asset to your blog. You can use your email list to inform your community when new content is available on your blog, to ask for their feedback, and to sell them products or services.

This will not happen from day one, you first need to gain their trust by providing value through your emails but at the end of the day, it’s one of the most efficient methods to create a community around your blog.

There are many social media networks available that you can use but since you are at the beginning of setting up and establishing your blog’s brand, it’s better to concentrate on those channels that are proven to be more effective than others (when it comes to building followers), and these are Facebook and Twitter.

Remember that your goal is to connect with people that can become potential followers and customers of your blog and not just with anyone that has a social presence. Do some profiling and choose your target audience wisely.

5. Start making money by selling ads

Selling Ad Space: Google AdSense

Although the best way is to test different ad placements and find out which placements work better for you when you put Adsense in your main content (as opposed to the sidebar and footer), you can expect higher click-through rates (CTR) and this means more earnings.

Adsense Ads on CalorieSecrets

Adsense is a keyword-based auction-type system. When a user is searching on Google and then visits a website that has AdSense ads, it will try and show to the user ads that are relevant to the search query.

Starting your blog

1. Picking your niche

Social Media Examiner Picking Your Niche

Other popular niches include:

The best way to find a niche is to ask yourself these simple questions:

2. Choosing a name for your blog

Factors to consider when choosing your blog’s name:

  1. Is the domain name available for this name? You can check if it’s available using NameCheap.
  2. Is it easily spelled/typed? You want to keep it as simple as possible. Always avoid words that have more than one spelling, like ‘’whole’’ and “hole”.
  3. Does it make sense for your target audience? Will it resonate with them?
  4. Can you add any keywords into your blog name? (Not necessary, but it certainly helps for SEO purposes!)
  5. Will it still make sense if you change your niche? You want to choose a blog name that’s not too specific. If you’re a beauty blogger you wouldn’t want to call it “foundation tutorials”, because chances are you’ll branch out and do more than foundation tutorials.
  6. Are there social media handles available that match your blog and domain name? You can change these a bit so they’re not exactly like your domain name, but it’s best to get it as close as possible, if not the exact wording of your blog’s name/domain name.

KnowEm Blog Name Availability

Using KnowEm To Find Social Networks With Your Blog Name Available

3. Starting your blog

Frequently Asked Questions about How to Make Money

How Do Beginner Bloggers Make Money?

One of the quickest and easiest ways for beginners to make money blogging is by displaying Google Ads. It’s easy to set it up since all a blogger has to do is embed code from Google on their site.
Another method for beginner bloggers to make money is through affiliate marketing. With so many profitable affiliate programs to choose from, it won’t take much time to find one that suits your industry.

Is It Realistic to Make Money Blogging?

Yes, it’s possible to make money blogging. However, it requires hard work and patience to start earning a reasonable amount of money from running a blog.
Before starting to earn an income from blogging, beginners need to invest a lot of time and energy into growing their blogs. This includes getting the tools required and acquiring skills such as writing, SEO, and content marketing.

How Many Views Do You Need to Make Money Blogging?

How fast you get paid depends on the method of monetizing your blog. For instance, a blogger might need 100,000 page views to make around $100/day with Google AdSense.
Those who want to use affiliate marketing should aim for at least 10,000 page views a month.

How Much Money Can You Make from Blogging?

Beginner bloggers can expect to earn $500/month within their first year. A lot of people start making more after 5 years of blogging as the most successful bloggers make money up to $100,000/year. It is also possible to earn income by writing for best-paying blog sites like Better Humans and Funds for Writers.

What are the Types of Blogs that Make Money?

Here are top 10 types of blogs that make money:
1. Finance blog
2. Lifestyle blog
3. Technology or gaming blog
4. Travel blog
5. Health and fitness blog
6. Beauty and fashion blog
7. Marketing blog
8. Food blog
9. Do-It-Yourself (DIY) blog
10. Mom blog

How Do I Monetize a WordPress Blog?

The following are 5 possible ways you can monetize a WordPress blog:
1. Get into affiliate marketing
2. Advertise your blog
3. Offer online courses
4. Start a membership or a subscription program
5. Sell merchandises or exclusive content