Write a Winning Personal Statement in Simple Steps

The personal statement is the first thing your evaluators will see in your CV or application letter. Its main purpose is to show the admission staff who you are, what you have done, and why you are the best applicant for them. Thus, you should see your personal statement as the best chance to show your strengths and talk about your achievements. You should use your personal statement to convince your audience that there is no other better person than you to occupy the targeted position. When I write my paper, I make it small but convincing. If you don’t know where to start and how to write a winning personal statement, then this article is exactly what you need.

Write a Winning Personal Statement in Simple Steps

  • It’s all about you

Your personal statement should talk about nobody else but you. Therefore, you should use it to include an overview of who you are, what are your biggest achievements, and which are your biggest strengths that recommend you for that position. Moreover, you should pay attention to keep your audience engaged and stay away from boring language and clichés. Statements like “hard worker” or “I work well when I am part of a team” will not make your personal statement a winning one. In addition, when you don’t know what exactly to include in your personal statement, you should start by checking the course description. You will find exactly the strengths and abilities you need to possess to be a winning candidate. Furthermore, it will become your main source of inspiration when writing your personal statement.

  • Keep a simple structure

How should a personal statement look like? This is one of the most common questions that come into the applicants’ minds when they try to write one. You will find plenty of articles online mentioning that you should keep a simple structure. But, what does a simple structure mean when it comes to a personal statement? You should start by answering the question of why the role you apply for is interesting for you. Furthermore, you should detail why you are perfect for the job you apply for and how your previous jobs or training recommend you for that job. Finally, you should talk about the skills you have that recommend you for the job and what past projects you have done that highlight your capabilities. If you have managed to answer these questions, then you have written a winning personal statement.

  • Carefully proofread your personal statement

The most important thought you should have in your mind is that your personal statement is your visit card. Thus, even though you think you have finished it and wrote a nice text, you should still have another look. What does it mean? Apart from writing a convincing text, you should also pay attention to making no grammar or spelling errors. Your evaluators are very strict, and they will immediately penalize you in case they see a grammar or spelling error. How can you make sure that your personal statement is error-free? A winning strategy is to read it in a loud voice several times. Furthermore, you can follow the four-eyes principle. What does it mean? You can ask your family, friends, or teachers to read it also and signalize any grammar or spelling errors. If you feel you need more professional help, you can work with trustmypaper.com or other websites and ask professional writers to help you.

Writing a personal statement is not difficult as long as you keep in mind some simple rules. Keep it simple, proofread it carefully, and highlight your biggest strengths. This is the winning recipe for a convincing personal statement.