Some Thoughts After the Journey

I always love afterthoughts, since they give you the chance to review what you have done and what you have experienced. They are your one-on-one conversations within your mind. My trip to Paris was the best I have had in years, and it was worth it. After all said and done, it is now time to give my afterthoughts about what seemed to be the perfect definition of an excellent trip.

I just returned from my two weeks holiday in Paris, and below is a list of my ramblings on some of the individual places I visited and reviews I thought of Paris;

  1. The Silver Brooch

If there is one thing I was proud of after Paris, this would be it. Yes, I had fun, but this I managed to carry home! I feel that I experienced the best services of room delivery from Etsy online company, and I should recommend it for you whenever you are in need of a piece of jewellery to take home without the struggle of going up to the store.

  1. Pullman’s Paris Eiffel Tower

From the very first section of the outside seating area, I had a perfect view of the Eiffel Tower and the hourly night-time sparkles. Professional and friendly staff are happy to take your order without delays. The hotel was also modern. The rooms appeared to be very clean and updated, and an outstanding breakfast was served; with lots of available choices, and delicious food.

  1. Tourist sites

During my trip, I managed to visit a lot of tourist sites which include the Eiffel Tower, Arc d’Triomphe, museums, Pont de Bir-Hakeim, and other places. I really enjoyed for the most part of it, I as well took notes. I am sure it would not be so much fun without Emilie and Louise.

  1. Louvre

It is a great museum which possesses a great collection. I did enjoy the new knowledge and the guides who were professional, although I did not enjoy the mobbed crowds. Paris Muse was a worthwhile experience, despite the catacombs; which was a long line to get in. It was however cheap and exciting to get in.

  1. Language

I speak very little French. I, therefore, had a bit of difficulty communicating with other people and especially while traveling right after Paris, but I managed. My attitude here is that I am the one supposed to adapt to the language; being in a foreign country.

Whenever I hired a cab to take me to the places, I am glad that I luckily found few who could speak English. It was hard coordinating with those who did not communicate in English; this should be an eye-opener for me, and I should learn French, or should I?

  1. People

I will not tire to mention Louise and Emilie; these two define the meaning of friendly. It was such a delight after finding out that they could speak English. I still have a photographic memory of how desperate I was to meet friendly English speakers, and then bam! Next to my room.

I also had other afterthoughts based on personal objectives, and how I should bring my family the next time I am boarding Paris, or perhaps friends. The moments are best when there are friends or family.

Overall, I enjoyed my stay in Paris and engaged myself in a lot of activities in the two weeks, not precisely as a relaxing vacation, but as a way of finding the fun function following the MDD, and got to learn a lot alongside making international networks. Very exhausting actually, but totally worth it!