Don’t Travel to See Buildings, Travel to Meet People

In my bucket list, it is my dream to be a globetrotter someday, and one of the destinations I’d love to visit is Egypt.  In as much as I fancy and look forward to viewing the pyramids, my reason for the visit is mainly to meet the Egyptian natives or people who have grown up speaking Arabic as a language. I can’t wait to stare at someone not because I’ll be that idle but because I love their accent and I find it magical just listening to them speak. This, therefore, tells you why people are pivotal when you have to travel to a new place. Here is why;

People help in creating memories

Some time back, my friends and I went for an excursion at the beach. One of our friends was celebrating their birthday, and she asked us to go on a road trip with her, and the peak of the celebration was to be at the beach. We all had not been to the beach in a long time, and we were excited that finally, we would chill out while there. Apart from the cake cutting fete, the many games and fun, our friend’s birthday would not be as memorable as it still is if we did not show up for her. It is like a wedding, one with no people is the most boring event one would ever attend in their lifetime. Memories made by interacting with people are way better than just having fun alone in the most relaxed place in the world.

Buildings will always be there, but people won’t

Have you ever thought of the statement in the subheading right ahead? Well, maybe not…Buildings, unless they get old, burn down and, or are demolished, they will always be there. People, especially strangers will be there once, and you will never meet them again unless fate brings you together in a different setting. When you meet them, therefore, make use of your time with them maximally.

You never know, you might be on vacation alone, and voila, you get someone to live with till death do you part (a spouse). Here’s one such example. The pyramids have been in existence for a long time, but even the people who built in are dead already. When you get the chances to travel to such exotic places, network, you never know you might be talking to someone whose ideas will match yours.

People make you learn how to deal with different attitudes

Traveling is all pomp and fun until you meet someone who has been fired while on vacation or has been heartbroken by their fiancé (e) who maybe was funding the vacation. The change in their mood, in most cases, affects everyone around them.

They are the most spiteful people you can ever interact with. When you quickly react to what they say or do, you will end up having a similar mood that is not meant for you. Learn to practice emotional intelligence in such a scenario, and when you travel and meet a number of such people, you are likely to be an emotionally intelligent being.

Traveling to meet people is an easy way of acquainting oneself to different cultures of the world.

The easiest way to learn other people’s culture is by traveling to their place and staying with them for a while; something researchers call ethnography. You will learn different styles of salutations thanks to your travel and interaction with the people to your area of visit.

Appreciating other people’s culture cannot be achieved by hearsay, it needs real-time experience which involves visiting their place, you will end up being knowledgeable on matters of that new culture, and that will make you desire to explore even more to other different cultures. You will learn that you are not the only chef that was born; neither does your country have the best food in the world. It is through travel and meeting people that you learn of different cuisines that are in the world.

When I go to Egypt therefore, I will strive to meet as many people as possible. I will learn to deal with how people treat me through the application of the following tips in emotional intelligence. Eating and learning how to make the food I have had will be something that I look forward to. Their culture and of course their to-die-for accent will crown it all. If you are planning to travel just to have a glimpse of the tallest building in Dubai, the BurjKhalifa, think of the people you are going to meet and make your travel count. So, would you rather travel to meet people or buildings?